a turn-based asteroids / snake / roguelike

Made by iLKke for Ludum Dare 41 


 VYPERSPACE is an asteroids game, you shoot asteroids to break them into smaller chunks before you can destroy them. Sometimes there is ore inside.

VYPERSPACE is a snake game, you eat ore to grow longer and need to avoid running into your own tail

 VYPERSPACE is a roguelike, it is a keyboard-driven turn-based tile-grid game of delaying permadeath by emergent hazards that only move when you do

Cursors to move, X to shoot

Avoid colliding with your own tail or the asteroids. Shoot them and they will break into 1-4 shards.
Sometimes there is ore inside, collect it to grow longer. Ore will wrap around the screen twice before vanishing.
The longer your snake, the more bullets you can fire, and you score more points for each move you make.

Moving object leave trails to help you infer direction from static screens.
Plan several moves in advance, your bullets need time to travel
Beware the chain reactions.
You can wrap around the screen edges but the middle of the screen is safer

The collision code can occasionally get inaccurate when the screen gets very busy.
I started very late so I didn't have time to fix this. Will rectify post-compo.


vyperspace_source.zip 4 kB


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Excellent game !

Very neat and very well executed. 


i think the game would be better if it simply disallowed self-collisions instead of killing you for them. that particular rule from snake does not work well with the turn-based rouge-like format imo... all it does is instakill people who accidentally hit the wrong key on their keyboard

I agree with this. It gets rather frustrating

really sucks that you can at first go back on yourself and just idle in place and get instant chomp death doing the same after getting the first extra segment - like it other than that

This is a coolio mashup of turn-based asteroids and snake! I like styling/atmosphere (general graphics, semi-random sounds that are made when the player moves, VCR-like effects, etc.) a bunch. c: